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I can only think of one word to describe these two and that is FUN!!! We met up on a glorious Saturday evening at one of my favorite places ever...Longwood Gardens. If you live in Maryland, you need to go!! It's simply spectacular. They were seriously game for anything...

Well aren't these two just the cutest!! I met Jimmy + Katelyn in Downtown Annapolis just a couple of weeks ago for the engagement session. I think its pretty well known how much I love this little town I love in, but when my clients love it as much as me, well, MAGIC h...

Everytime I photograph this family, I think, I can't top it. I will never be able to top this session and then the next session comes and MAGIC happens. Maybe it was all the warming up snuggles, maybe the tickles, or heck maybe even the most amazing light I have had in...

FAIR overload is about too happen!! Where do I start with this family? I can't say enough about how special this session was to them. How special to me it was. How I made lifelong friends friends from it. Christina reached out to me TWO YEARS ago to s...

If you have been around here for a good bit, then you know this family all too well!! I have been photographing all their milestones since Rebecca and Kyle got engaged. Well minus their wedding, cause back then I wasn't photographing weddings. I LOVE THIS FAMILY!! ALOT...

YOU GUYS!! This is has to be one of the sweetest families ever!! Lindsay reached out to me via Instagram, where she had been following along for quite a while, to see if she could schedule a session while they were in town. Her brother in law was getting MARRIED and th...

GIVE ME ALL THE BABY SNUGGLES!!! I feel like I had been waiting FOREVER for this session. Rachel had reached out to me pretty early on to schedule her newborn session and while we checked in with each other throughout her pregnancy, it still felt like forever for Theod...

This past January I had the absolute pleasure to capture engagement photos for Michael and Raishay.  Raishay had emailed me a few months prior, to schedule a session. Their wedding photographer was pregnant and not going to be able to travel for their engagement photos...

 This summer all my families are growing by two feet! Which as you all know I am in my element with all these in-home sessions. They are my absolute favorites. Last Sunday, I got photograph one of my favorite families newest addition and oh my word..their is so much go...

I LOVE this family so much and I am going to tell you the biggest reason why? Ok, there are probably a few more the one but lets start here. They love these babies with their whole hearts and it's been such an honor to watch them grow their sweet little family. The hap...

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  • Jennifer Simmons Photography
  • Jennifer Simmons Photography
  • Jennifer Simmons Photography

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