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leesburg virginia photographer | a lansdowne resort and spa wedding | emily + john

I am so excited I can finally share these images from Emily and John's wedding day. But even more excited because I was not the primary wedding photographer, this was my second photographer, Jen's first wedding ever!!! For those of you who have been following along the past two years, you know not only is she one of my best friends, she is also my right hand for every single wedding I shoot. I tell you what... I can not do it without her. We have shooting weddings down to a science. Literally read each other's minds!

So let me tell you I was so happy to be able to stand by her side and be her right hand for John and Emily's big day! Guys, it was an honor! Plus, it also gave me a little insight into second shooting and a whole new perspective on how I shoot weddings. I want to share with you all these images I shot ( yes...this comes with permission) and tell you a few things I learned along the way!

I got the pleasure of hanging with the guys. I arrived at John's house to shoot them getting ready and headed directly to the church with them. First thing I learned, guys are really relaxed. I love shooting brides and everything going on in a bridal's total happy chaos that makes me happy. But guys are little different. They were hanging out in the kitchen eating Subway, just hanging out, like no big deal there was a wedding about happen in a. few short hours. It was so calm. These guys cracked me up from the beginning. Such big personalities and they have been friends since high school and college. Funny thing about guys and tux's, none of them knew how to tie the bow tie, how the cuff links worked or how to make a pocket square. No big deal...photographer and videographer to the rescue. YES!!! I know how to do these things!

Once we arrived at the church, it was my job to find out exactly the do's and dont's of where we could shoot inside the church. Luckily we had a lot of free reign of movement, which doesn't happen a lot in a catholic church. Once Jen and the videographer's got there, I gave them all the run down of what we can do and we game planned. Jen and I changed position's and she went inside the church with the guys and I stayed outside with Emily and her Dad until she walked down the aisle. It was so fun being with Emily in the moments prior to her walking down the aisle. She was the happiest bride ever. SO much laughter. I loved setting aside to capture a few candids of her and her dad in those precious few minutes. Those moments make for the best shots and always some of my favorites.

Once Emily, walked down the aisle I got a few shots from the balcony and then headed to the front of the church to shoot her from one side, while Jen shot from the other. You guys....these two. I had only just met them, I was crying at their wedding. These two, are so meant for each other and the way John gently holds her hand, to the Emily looks at him. They both steal glances and it just makes believe in love. Real love.

After the wedding, we took group shots at the church and the resort. My job at both was to gather everyone and keep us on time. I worked through the shot list Emily provided. This is something I require of all my couples. A list of shots you would like and everyone's name. I just call everyone out and it goes super fast. Since, we have been doing this for a long time we have it nailed down, although, I am tweaking the order of my shot for this coming year. Because I learned, we could definitely be a little more efficient, which would give us more time with our couple. Lucky for us this year, not only have my couples, plus this wedding too...our couples left room for bridal portraits which has been such a blessing. I love knowing that we get this time to spend one on one with them, but that having this time documented means the world to them. If your timeline allows for it, schedule it...I promise it will be worth it.

Shooting couples portraits to me is my absolute favorite part of any day! I love that they get a little alone time to soak in the newness of being Mr and Mrs, but to also relax a little before they head into the reception for the rest of their night. Your day goes so fast, so having a little alone time is well worth. My goal for shooting during this time is to get different angles then Jen. Lets be real...anyone that has worked with me, knows I will do absolutely everything in my power to get the shot. Be it I stand in a tree, hang off a rock, stand on a boat while moving or lay in the grass. If I see a different way about a shot, I am going to take it. Also during this time, I stepped away and found a couple other shooting locations from where we were which turned out to be amazing! The light at this resort is simply breathtaking and the views are amazing! Since Jen and I shoot together a lot, I always allow her a time with my couples to set up a few shots and she did the same with me. Which always turns out great, while we think a like and we are always 10 steps ahead, it's always fun to see what the other comes up with.

I could not of been more honored to stand by Jen's side through this day! I am so proud of her for stepping into the primary role and you guys, she did amazing. She is so talented. I had a blast second shooting and can't wait to do some more with her! I love that I got to bring her diet coke and water and make sure her lenses are on her camera and that the lighting is set just the right way. The best part about this whole weekend...we stayed the massages the next day and just spent hours on girl talk. It turned out to be one of the best weekends I had in a long time!

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