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washington dc photographer | a decatur house wedding | amy + drew

Last year I started adding second shooting back into the mix. I really love it. I get to spend the first half of the day with the guys, who are always really fun to hang out with. It crazy still, but a different crazy. Guys tend to be more chill and just relax a little bit more then the girls. There's always jokes being told, sports talking and well, tossing back a few drinks, anything to keep the groom from getting a tad nervous.

Drew and Amy. One of the best couples!! Amy just has the best smile in the world and is beyond kind. Drew just is so dang in love with Amy. These two steal glances all night long and the ease they have with each's hard not to look at them and not just smile. They radiate happiness.

Usually, on wedding days it's the bride with the most nerves, but today was a little different. Drew was nervous. Not to get married. But he was so ready to see Amy. Its clear just how much time they spend together because he didn't want to be away from her. He was ready to see her and start their life together. Between his best man and myself we just spent the time talking to him and of course a few drinks help. We just kept reassuring him all was good and it was almost the time to see her.

Once we gathered the groomsman together, which these guys are hysterical. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. Drew was the last of their group to get married so they were excited to get to celebrating. I had to laugh when we got outside, literally one of them was like " alright, let's do this...the flying v " I was dying. Amy and Drew got married at Decatur House in DC, which is right next to the White House. Drew had one request, a photo of his guys and him in front of the White House. We did and oh my word, these guys looked so handsome and dapper. At one point, someone walked by and commented how they looked like secret service agents. The guys ran with that.

Once we got to Decatur House, we did not think we would be waiting long, but, it happened, we had too. It's beyond normal for hair and makeup to take longer on wedding days. And today it ran late. Which meant Amy was running late. We were upstairs waiting, while the guests came and also where the first look was to happen. I caught Drew just hanging out by the window. I took a couple shots, because...window light!!! Little did I know one of those photos would later place Top 100 in a photo contest!!! Once Amy arrived we did a first look and Bridal Portraits. It was amazing. Drew's reaction was priceless and tears..oh my word. He is so in love with her. It just poured out.

Their day was just so much fun!! So much love from all their family and friends. The stories told, so sweet and funny and full of love from everyone that loves them so much. They had the most amazing food I ever had a wedding, a band that was on point and everyone danced until feet hurt!!

Big thank you to Meghan Rose Photography for having me second shoot with you! It's always an adventure and this time was no different! Missed exits, rain soaked car runs, donuts, parking garage issues and crazy fun! Thanks for being my dancing partner!!

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