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canton waterfront park engagement | andrew & kristin

Talk about a gorgeous night for two of the most genuine and kind souls I know!!! We had to reschedule this session, not once but twice. Both because of weather. The first time it was just brutally cold and the second was earlier this spring when we were having constant storms. I am so thankful we did because, mother nature was just so good to us this night!! I couldn't think of two better people that deserved such a perfect night!!

I met up with Andrew and Kristin...oh and let's not forget their sweet pup Riley for their session at Canton Waterfront Park. It's normally a busy park, but this night because it was the first beautiful night in a long time, it was extra busy. BUT here is why I love shooting in Baltimore. Lots of sweet tuck away spots to take my couples and the PEOPLE!!! Every single person that walked by us, congratulated these two!! Sometimes I feel like you only hear the bad stuff, but there really is sooo much to love and soo much here. I think kindness was the word of the night. I even asked one of the boaters if it was ok to shoot on the docks ( they are locked) and he totally let us in. Which, I am so grateful I did because I love those photos so much and the light was just perfect!!

I am also super thankful when my couples are up for anything and trust my decisions. I am fairly certain they thought I lost my mind, when I asked them to stand in between some brushes. I even said loudly..." it's looks like your in a botanical park" did. You would never know, right behind them was a pool, and a parking lot. Sometimes, we just have to get creative. I so enjoyed my time with these two!! They are just so sweet and literal rockstars the whole night!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this downtown Baltimore shoot and then get excited to see these two on their wedding day in October! It’s going to be a dream!

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