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WORSELL MANOR WEDDING | Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer | DYLAN & LINDSEY

YAY!!! Happy Friday sweet friends! Fall wedding season has officially started and I have so much goodness to share with you all over the next two months. BUT first...Meet Dylan & Lindsey! I met these two sweet souls THREE YEARS ago at a wedding I was shooting. I took a photo of the two of them and they loved it so much, they had it printed to hang in their home. Well, flash forward a year ago when they got engaged and I get the sweetest email from Lindsey about shooting their wedding and I got to say " YES " to them!!!

Dylan & Lindsey tied the knot this past Saturday at Worsell Manor and it was such a dream! AND no detail was left out. From the beautiful framed photos hanging on Lindsey and her Mom's bouquets, a sixpence on the bottom of Lindsey's shoes, quotes on tables from all their favorite movies. It was special and I am truly honored to have been there to capture all the special moments for Dylan & Lindsey. Congratulations again newlyweds!! I adore you both!!!!

FUN FACT: These beautiful ladies are all my brides!! Mandy on the left is the bride who's wedding I shot and took the photo of Lindsey! Amanda on the right, Lindsey introduced us and I am shooting her wedding this coming October! I love these three ladies so much!

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