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baltimore maryland photographer | a newborn lifestyle session | colin

I can not tell you the excitement I had, while waiting to take Colin's newborn photos. I met Katie and Erik, through a Facebook post I had put out, when they got tagged by a mutal friend. I never in a million years would of expected what would come of this. Katie, has to be the sweetest and kindest person I have ever met. We had constant email contact through the last weeks of pregnancy and I was elated, when she emailed from the hospital to let me know Colin was here and everything was a go. But that all changed, within a few. Colin had gotten fever and would end up staying in the hospital for a little longer. I could just hear the pain, hurt and uncertainty when Katie emailed me to let me know we would have to wait a bit. I was so heartbroken for this family. Colin is a true miracle baby in every aspect of the word. He is also a fighter and very opinionated already at a few short weeks old. Let me tell you, when the time came for me to shoot Colin's photo's, it literally had become my most awaited session. Katie and Erik were so unbelievably welcoming from the time I walked in to house. Colin pretty much ran show that day. He didn't want to sleep at all, instead he way more interested in his surroundings. So, we rolled with it...

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