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in-home newborn session | the suarez family

This is the year of all baby girls!!!! I always feel like I have a bit of a back story to tell for each of my families. Morgan and met through Instagram. She reached out to me last fall for family photos and I was so booked, I couldn't fit them in. I won't lie, I was super bummed. I hit it off right away with her and hoped, like fingers and toes crossed, we would be able to do photos this year. Talk about a surprise when she reached back out to schedule newborn photos!! BUT Collins, was due literally in that was the start of wedding season, but somehow I knew I was going to make this session happen! And happen it did!!!!

I met up with them on a beautiful morning and had such a blast with these guys! They already have two beautiful girls Christina and Campbell and Tom, seriously had me cracking up the entire time!! I think, no, I know I hung out longer then I should have, but when you become instant friends with your clients, that's totally what happens! I felt liek family by the time I was done!!

The girls!!!! Christina just adores her little sisters and she has to be the most patient and loving big sister ever. Plus, lets be real, being a teenager and having baby sisters, means, no one to take your stuff! But seriously, she is so gentle and kind with the girls. I really envy her.

Campbell.... sweet Campbell. Well, she definitely beats to her own drum! I adore her and her fierce personality. She knows what she wants and well, no one is going to stop her. She loves her big sister and well...sometimes her baby sister. Girlfriend, loves herself some bows and has a way of keeping all of us laughing.

Collins, soooo sweet!! and sooooo tiny!!! She pretty much slept through her whole session. Including when Campbell wanted to play with her in her crib. Such a little angel and super amazing snuggler! I honestly can not wait to watch her grow and see her personality start coming through!! Welcome to the world sweet girl!!!!

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