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annapolis maryland photographer | a kinder farm park family session | dylan

I have known Dylan's mom since we were kids. My sister and her have been friends for forever. It's super cool to see Jenn as a mom now. She reached out to me a couple of weeks ago to do Dylan's 2 year old photos. I couldn't wait. We decided on Kinder Farm Park, since that is where they were having Dylan's birthday party the next day. If you haven't been there, you are missing out. They have several barns and tons of animals for the kids to see. It's really a great place for any session. I will say Jenn had me cracking up the moment she got out of the car. Jenn is a super cool, laid back mom. The first thing she said was, " my kid won't smile. It's ok. Just get her being natural." As a photographer, this is something I love to hear. I don't do fake. I would rather capture you child being themselves, if that means they won't look at the camera, or they cry the whole time, well so be it. So, this morning, we just rolled with it. Dylan made it clear she didn't want her picture taken, but that didn't stop me. I just made sure she wasn't ever paying attention to me. Which means her session was more lifestyle, ok well, it was completely lifestyle. We did what Dylan wanted to do, when Dylan wanted to do it. No posing, no fake "cheese"... just Dylan being Dylan. This means I got to capture Dylan's personality at age 2. She is a funny little thing, she likes to explore on her own terms, she tells you like it is and when she is done, she is done. It was such a fun morning. She kept me on my toes and both her mom and I got out steps in for the day. Really excited to watch her personality grow in the next few years!

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