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annapolis maryland photographer | a newborn lifestyle session | dylan

In home newborn sessions are always a favorite. I just recently changed my style of shooting newborns from posed to more natural. I learned very early on, that the photos that my clients love the most are the ones where they are interacting with their new baby and the baby well being a baby in its home environment. I already shot Gretchen's maternity session about a month ago, and I could not wait to meet Dylan. The best of shooting this family is how relaxed they are all the time. Dylan, slept pretty much the entire session and that gave us plenty of time to talk. I love hearing how new parents are adapting. It's not always easy and we get real. Very real...but that's part of my style. Seriously, though.....these two crack me up and I can't wait to see what the next holds for this new family of 3... ( ohhh and the'll see)!

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