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annapolis maryland photographer | a downtown annapolis engagement | stephanie + ryan

Tonight I met up with Stephanie and Ryan to shoot their engagement photos in DTA. Well, we picked the hottest day ever. But you would never know it, from their photos. They were such champs through it all. Stephanie had two requests for these photos...the first, they wanted photos in her neighborhood and on her front porch. You see, once they got married, they would be moving into Ryan's home in crofton. Stephanie has lived in DTA for a long time. I get it. I have lived her for 12 years and this town holds a lot of memories for me too. I understand how meaningful it was to have these photos. WE....had a blast. I only just met them a few weeks ago and their wedding is like 3 weeks away!! Oh my goodness, lots to do between moving and planning a wedding and photos and meeting vendors....I was glad we got a few hours tonight to make a few new memories for them.

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