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annapolis maryland photographer | a in home cake smash | dylan

I can't believe a year has passed since this family has come into my life. Not only have they had me capture all their special memories this year, but they have become good friends as well ( I might add Gretchen makes a great mojito). Cake smash sessions are not something I do a lot of...but when I do..I keep them simple. Everyone like a nakey baby covered in cake. We were not so sure how this would go, since at his party Dylan wasn't thrilled with the cake. But it went...smashingly well to say the least. We did some quick family shot before hand down on the water...oh did I mention I hate snakes..yeap I do and they were out in full force that day. Actually they have been out nonstop this summer in Annapolis. I swear I see one daily, you would think I would be used to them...nope...not happening..Kris was the look out...thankfully they stayed in the water. Then we headed back to the house for a little fun. Ok...lots of fun.

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