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annapolis maryland photographer | a annapolis style session | valentine's day inspiration

Ever wonder what a photographer does over the holidays and winter...we participate in styled sessions. This is when vendors come together and create pure magic, and a bunch of us photogs join in on the fun. I have to say I was a tad nervous to attend this. I knew this year that deciding to go forth wedding photography I needed to build my portfolio and these types of events really helped me do that. However what I didn't except, was meet a group of woman, who would become my friends and biggest supporters. I have laughed with them, cried with them, prayed with them and encouraged them as much they have encouraged me. Meghan of Meghan Rose Photography and Sarah Wells of Freckleblossom Photography were the lead photographers and total visionaries on this beautiful Valentine's Day Style Session. And the vendors.....oh my word....they out did themselves. It was cold..but it was the most fun time I have ever had. We might of also...wadded out in cold water...but the canoe pics...yeah again worth it. But my favorite part of the entire day...hanging out after in Meghan's sweet home eating pizza and all the desserts..while her two boys ran around and played and we all talked. We got real. For the first time ever, I felt part of this community....thankful and blessed.

Vendor List:

Co Hosts: Meghan Harrison of Meghan Rose Photography and Sarah Wells of Freckleblossom Photography

Furniture and Styling; Katie Price of Memorable Events and Rentals

Florals: Tiffany Ruckart

Baker: Tracy Love of Whipped Cakes and Confections

Gown: Allure

Bridal Shop: The Bridal Boutique

Hair: Becca Lynn

Caligraphy/Invitation Suite - Corbett Frazier

Models - Bryanna & Ben Hunt

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