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baltimore maryland photographer | a ellicott city family session | the dexter family

A little unknown fact about me is that I actually have a full time job that is not photography. Which I LOVE. One of the best parts of my job are the people. We have a really awesome culture at work that allows us to interact with everyone form the CEO, to VP's to directors, to facilities all on a daily basis. When Heather reached out to me via my site to schedule a session, I thought, ohhh her name sounds familiar. Then I realized we worked for the same company. Sooo excited but soo nervous when I wrote her back to talk about the session and I let her know we worked for the same company. The next day we ran into each other in the elevator and just chatted like old friends. We picked a location and we were set...until we had a little snafu with the original location thanks to a crazy rain storm the weekend prior. We talked and Heather asked if we could shoot in Ellicott City. I was bit hesitant since it would be only a couple weeks since they opened it back up from a flood in summer. I knew my usual go to spots were going to be out of the question, but we decided to wing it. This town holds a very special place in Heather's husband heart. We made it work and we had a blast. They were game for anything and even though I was super nervous, by the time I finished I felt like family. Their family dynamic really show's through. They are a super close, full of fun and love. Here's to taking chances...finding hidden spots and laughter...lots and lots of laughter!!

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