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annapolis maryland photographer | a down's park family session | the schnieder family

OH MY GOSH!!! Seriously this has to have been one of my all time favorite fall sessions. Alright I say that about all my sessions but really...these guys are just the absolute sweetest family ever. We had a such a fun morning in Down's Park. I found this super secret spot...that in the morning just filters golden light through the trees that makes you feel like you stepped into a another world. Dreamy angel light!! Their little boy is so dang cute and he just hamed it up for the camera. He is such a little explorer and loved playing in the leaves ( and eating them too)! She was so interested in everything around him. They also brought their their two pups. Kelsey was a tad worried about bringing both of them..the little one was still a puppy and was just getting trained, but as you will see they totally nailed it!! I really enjoyed spending the morning with guys and finally getting to share these images with everyone now that theor family got their Christmas cards!! I love being a part of a secret!! Can't wait to do this again next year!!

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