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annapolis maryland photographer | a kinder farm park family session | the vaughn family

I love all my sessions, but every now and again their is one that just gets too me. I feel honored that year after year I get to capture memories for my clients and sometimes I take it a bit for granted. Raegan had one simple request for their session, please I just want one photo of us all together and one with my Quinn smiling, but I know it's a lot to ask. Well for me that's not a lot to ask at all. But at the time, I had no idea how special that request was going to be. During the session, Raegan told me they didn't have any family photos of everyone together. This was their first session where they all could be together. So for me I had a big job to do. This session has held such a big piece of my heart since I shot it. Maybe it's because it was the first photos of them all together, Quinn's sweet smiles and laughter, the boys who just are the best brothers a little girl could ask for, or just that they love big...but no matter what...we got that one shot...and few extras!

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