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western maryland photogrpaher | a smithsburg wedding | michelle + nathan

It is always hard watching your little cousins grow up. Back in October, I got the pleasure and honor to photograph my cousin's wedding. It's a bit surreal...I still look at her as that sweet little girl who loved to snuggle, the pickiest eater, loved being a little mommy to her siblings and helping where ever she could. Last year I got to take her engagement photos here in Annapolis, but ventured to Smithsburg to photograph her wedding day. This day didn't quite go as planned. It rained and rained for a solid week leading up their wedding. I am not taking a little rain, I am talking monsoon rain and winds. A few days prior to the wedding we all realized it was not going to happen at the original location they choose. So, it took a bit of work but they managed to find an indoor location at the very last minute. It still rained that day, but it stopped just long enough for us to get some portrait shots outside. Congratulations Nathan and Michelle...we wish you a life time of happiness!!

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