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annapolis maryland photographer | a us naval academy family session | the dunk family

I had so many fun sessions this fall season and this one is definitely up their with my favorites. Maria was referred to me from a fellow photographer and I was so excited to to finally meet them after many emails. Her husband is in the Navy and it was quite fitting that we choose to meet up the Naval Academy. It is one of my favorite places to shoot. There is just tons of play room for the kids and it's always a new adventure, every time I shoot. Porter their son was such a blast...he was loving all the animals on the grounds..ok obsessed with chasing the squirrels. But that is what makes these sessions fun. Kids rarely want to sit still. I may a handful of portraits before we take off and let kids be kids. Porter wanted to chase animals, run, be thrown in the air and just be a kid...Plus he just loves his parents. He wanted to give hugs the whole time. These three have a pretty special bond that was really sweet to watch!

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