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gettysburg pennsylvania photographer | a gettysburg battlefield engagement | erin + shaun

One of the first things I ask my couples when they are deciding on a location for their engagement photos is, " do you have a place that is special to you guys?" One of my main reasons for asking this, is because, having a place to take your photos that is special to you means most likely you will be super comfortable there and you already have really fantastic memories there, so why not make a few more.

During our initial meeting, both Erin and Shawn suggested the Gettysburg Battlefields and I was so game. I love the battlefields and the rich history they hold. Not only was it a special place for Erin and Shawn but also for me. I grew up every summer going to Gettysburg. My dad and I are huge history buffs and the battlefields, are just a short drive from Baltimore and easy day trip. Plus no matter how many times I go, I feel like I have a new experience, see something I have not seen. If you have not been, I highly suggest it.

I met them on a super cold day last fall. I actually thought at one point I may need to reschedule due to rain but it held off. Plus, the cold weather just meant more time for snuggling. We met at the Visitor's Center to start and literally right behind it is this gorgeous field with tall grasses, you and all know how I love a good tall grass field..and light was amazing!! Once we finished there, we headed down to the fields and over to Devil's Den. Yes, we climbed the rocks...yes I almost fell off...but yes I got the shot. Super fun evening! I just love these guys so much. They are super easy going, willing to try anything and trust me...laugh at my crazy jokes...but also they are so dang in love!!! It shows in every photo!! I can not wait for their wedding next August!!

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