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Happy Friday Friends!!! With fall family sessions right around the corner, I thought it would be really awesome to have a conversation about all things family sessions and answer a bunch of frequently asked questions that I get asked a lot. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of your favorite wine and read on!

So, you booked your session (which I am super excited about) and your thinking great, I am on the calendar but now what? What happens next. You have all these questions going through your mind. Hopefully, through this post I can answer any and every question that you have, but if not, no worries, you can always email me and I can get those answered for you.

How do I know where to meet you?

Once you have booked your session, we will decide on a location that works best for you and your family. It could be a park, a unique industrial location, college campus, farmers market or even your own home (think baking cookies with your kids). About a week before your session, I will email me you with the exact location of the session and confirm the date and time. If you need a GPS location, not a problem, I can always ping you that to your phone!!

What happens during our session?

We have exactly 60 minutes scheduled for your session and I plan to make it super fun. YES, I said FUN!! I believe that when you are having fun and enjoying yourself and your family, your photos will reflect it. Sessions are meant to be relaxed, so just come ready to have a really good time.

I try my hardest to make you comfortable and put you at ease (I even tell jokes), this way you forget that we are even taking pictures. Sessions are intentionally fast paced. Making sure your little's are happy is my absolute number one priority. We walk, stand, sit on the ground, jump and play. We also " DO NOT SAY CHEESE"....sorry Mom, not today. By staying busy and letting kids be kids, we won't need to say that. We will be having too much fun and getting authentic smiles the natural way!

What should we wear?

This is the number one question I get for every single session I book..and you know what? I completely understand.

First...I promise you...there is no need to PANIC..none...what so ever.

The first thing that I tell everyone that books with me is I want you to be comfortable. It is so important and I can not stress it enough. If you and your little's (and your hubby) are not comfortable, it will show in the images. Your family is gorgeous, no matter what you all are wearing, and that is all that matters. You guys love each other, that is what we want showing in your photos. Don't stress the small stuff. If your little boy wants to wear his superhero cape, or your daughter wants to wear every necklace she owns...then let them. I promise you, capturing them in what is special to them, will give you some really fun and memorable photos.

Do you have any styling tips for picking out our clothes?

I DO!!! And what I want you to remember is COLOR!! Yes..color and do not be afraid of it. I know, you love khaki and white...I get it...and they are classic but they are also...and now I need to be blunt and honest...really boring. Color brightens everything! It brings out skin tones and eye color and creates really amazing focal points in your photos. Personally I love rich jewel tones like royal blue, reds, purples, turquoise, bright pink, orange--- these colors will add that POP you want in your photos.

OK, you don't normally wear color and you really love neutrals. It's ok...really. Your photos will look just as beautiful. All that matters is that you are happy and comfortable.

Think of it as ONE big outfit...Are you sure...really?

Yes, I am absolutely sure. The best way to choose your outfits for your family session, is to pick one outfit first, and then coordinate all the other outfits around that one.

Most likely I will tell you to start with your outfit first. Then from there, pick out the colors from what your wearing and pull those into the family's clothing. Then lay them all out on your bed. Make sure you don't have anything too busy or that clashes. Remember, we are going for coordinating looks that compliment your family....try to stay away from "matchy matchy."

Remember what we talked about, I am going to ask you to run, jump, play, sit on the ground, dance and walk. It is how we keep the session fun. Be mindful of the types of shoes you are choosing to wear. That doesn't mean you can't wear those killer heels....just maybe bring them to change into.

My goal in every session is to make having family photos taken fun and easy. We all remember being kids and having to dress up in fancy clothes for family picture day. No one had fun and everyone was stiff...and everyone got fake smiles by saying...." CCCHHHEESSSEEE." Our session will be nothing like that, I promise you. I would say pretty painless!

Once we meet, we are going to chat just for moment, and get right to walking to our first location. We will be telling jokes, dancing, might even go on a little adventure and be silly. But it's fun.

Your session is short. 60 minutes is not a lot time and I will make good use of it. What I need from you... is to be on time. If your session is in the morning, most likely I will have another session right behind yours. If your late, we loose that time. If your session is at sunset, well being late will cost us light. That light is super precious, especially as we get into the winter months. Please...its the one thing I on time.

What if it rains?

Well...this is Maryland and well, that happens a lot. Especially in the Spring and Summer months. Unless it is absolutely pouring and we have lightening...we will still have our session. I always keep an eye out for weather the day of sessions. If we need to reschedule, I will reach out to asap to make that happen. I am also a super big fan of cloudy days and drizzly rain. So, why not grab those rain boots and get ready to stomp in those puddles.

Are we supposed to do anything while your taking our pictures?

The only thing I will ask of you, is just be yourself. I can not stress it enough. Super important. I believe that the best photos come from you interacting with your family. I get asked all the time " what are your favorite photos?" and the truth is...the ones where you are not looking at my camera but looking at each other instead. Not every photo need to have someone looking at the camera. When you are having fun and loving and snuggling on each other, your eyes will be 100% on your family and not on me. And your smiles will be completely natural. That is what I want to capture.

So hold your babies...throw them in the air...kiss your husband and love on your teenager. Tell jokes, snuggle...and play...please please play...because these sessions are designed to be fun!

Life is embrace it... love it and create the most special moments from it for your family!!

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