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annapolis maryland photographer | a downtown annapolis family session | the o'neil family

I like to think of every family session as an adventure. You really never know what will happen and honestly anything goes. But sometimes, mother nature has, well...a different idea of how it should all play out.

Originally we had Dylan's session schedule for right after his birthday in July. It was the perfect day all day and then out of the blue we got some super wicked storms. No biggie. Since we all live in Annapolis, I was in constant contact with Gretchen and we decided to play it by ear. Once the storm ended we had a solid 3 hours before the next storm was coming. Which was perfect. That was more then enough time for our session to get us there and back and not get wet. Or so we thought. Just as I headed over to the Naval Academy, that storm that was 3 hours away..quickly sped up and now was unleashing a crazy amount of rain and lightening. We ended up hanging out in their car until we got a break, which was a small amount of time but we figured why not, worse case we could meet up again at a later date.

We started out at the Naval Academy and well you guessed started raining again. Good thing about shooting here is there are plenty of places to take cover to shoot.So we went inside for a few shots and to cool off ( did I also mention.. it was so HOT and HUMID!!) Once, the rain stopped, we took a little walk around the grounds and well...besides running and playing with Dylan...we got eaten alive by mosquitoes. It had been in the plan all a long to finish our session with ice cream at Kilwin's, so we figured it was time. We were hot, itchy and a little wet but cream fixes everything right.....And then it started raining again. Honestly, as I type this I can't help but laugh. I mean it Maryland and July and weather is well tricky. But seriously it really was all we could and well...decide to meet up a couple weeks later for ice cream.

Well....this time mother nature was not an issue, but a nasty summer cold that went around. The whole O Family was sick. We ended up pushing back and extra week an you know was so perfect. The weather had cooled down so much and it ended up being a fun night. We met at the Capital Grounds for a few photos and playtime and then headed down the street for ice cream....Perfect Evening. Dylan is two...full of life, fiercely independent, a big fan of " NO" and well all boy! He kept all of us on our toes and well, none of us needed to hit the gym that night. I have been photographin this family since Gretchen was pregnant with Dylan and look forward to seeing them every year and being able to document how much Dylan has grown and how his personality changes from year to year! Can't wait to see what next year is like!!

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