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annapolis md photographer | a downtown annapolis family session | sam + alex

I can't contain my excitement over finally being able to share this gallery with you! Which also means that the time has come to announce that family sessions are changing!! I have sorta been in the progress for a long time of moving strictly to a lifestyle sessions and this year it's happening. What's that mean for you guys...well it means way more fun on sessions, sessions based on your family and things they love and lots of laughter. I know what your thinking...but Jen, I love posed photos of my kids, does this mean I won't get them anymore? Trust me, I know the importance of those photos, so sure thing, you will a few of those too. But with a twist. Now we focus on your children and their personalities, which in turn gets you super awesome photos. I have learned by giving kids and parents space to be themselves during sessions that we get really amazing photos that capture your family. Your family has a story that is so special to them, and I want to show that off!

THIS FAMILY!!!! My heart is just overflowing with love as I write this. I think most of you know Jen by now. She is my second photographer on wedding days, my right hand girl, positive pep talker, dancing buddy, no more day hair day messy bun loving friend, she is one part of my tribe and I love her to death. I needed this woman in my life and god gave her to me at just the right time. She has made my life such a better place. I can not thank her enough for always being there...I mean always being there.

When we started discussing their session and what she wanted, we went back and forth between hanging out at a farmers market, parking garage or downtown Annapolis. A few weeks prior to their session I shot an e session and used this little alleyway and Jen sent me a text saying " those steps...I want my session there" Annapolis is was. I also wanted to make sure we had fun with the kids and her hubby! So, steps and alley for Mom and Comic Book Store /Ice Cream for the kids and her hubby.

I know your thinking " wait you shot in a Comic Book Store "....I DID! See this is why I love lifestyle. Not only did we get all the good shots, we got to hang out and do things everyone loved. Sam just loves loves loves comic books....actually they all do. But right now it's Sam's thing. And watching this sweet girl get lost looking for the perfect comic book....melts my heart. She reminds me of me at her age. I adore books and would hang in the library for a few hours a week. It was my thing. And then there's Alex...this kid. Full of laughs and the way she looks up to her big sister. While she was happy to grab a comic book or two..she was much more interested in getting ice cream. I mean I don't blame her. It was the first thing she talked about from the time she got out of the car, till we got it. Sooo happy...but um not so happy when she accidentally dropped her ice cream. No worries, we got a replacement...

Thanks you guys for hanging out with me for fun night!! Your love, snuggles, laughter, nose crinkles, name all got it and it's infectious!

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