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annapolis maryland photographer | a in-home family session | the o'neil family

YOU GUYS!!!!!! Oh my word, one of my favorite families just killed it at their session!! I mean I can not get over the abundance of cuteness that I am about to show you. I have now photographed this family 6 times. I have been there for maternity sessions, new baby, birthdays and surprise pregnancy announcements. I love that I get to always share in their special joys and celebrations.

Getting to photograph their newly expanded family was just an honor as always. Baby Maeve, is the sweetest, calmest baby ever. She really just goes with the flow. Considering her older brother is having a bit of adjusting to do since she came home. Dylan is Dylan and I almost never know what to expect from him. He's 2, full of independence, knows what he wants to do and does it, obsessed with cars and well...not too keen just yet on his baby sister. Although, I do believe in time, those two will be partners in crime.

I think it's pretty clear to everyone that has been following along, that Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are my jam. I love how organic these sessions are and honestly anything goes. Especially when you have an older sibling, that wants to play. AND we played. We not only played we took time for outfit changes, a feeding and good old fashioned jumping on a bed. Cause why not..and yes we snuggled too. That's why I love these so much. Being in your own home, with your family, you are just more comfortable. And we can take our time. We go by your babies schedule. So if we need to stop for feedings or playtime or just some snuggles we do. Take a peek at the goodness heart is so full for this sweet new family of four and I can not wait to watch these two little cuties grow!!

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