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washington dc photographer | a spanish steps engagement session | courtney + ross

Courtney and Ross booked me last fall for their September 2018 wedding at Woodend Sanctuary. When we first started to talk about their expectations and vision, Courtney told me that they both were not very comfortable in front of the camera. I promised both of them, that we would have a ton of fun at their session and not to worry about being uncomfortable. I asked her to think of a place for their engagement session that meant something to both of them. A place that held special meaning for them as a couple. I knew if they choose a location with meaning that it would also calm those nerves. Courtney told me that Ross proposed to her at Spanish Steps in their neighborhood and they didn't have any photos of them there. So, that was it. The location.

Once we really got the location settled, we had to come up with a date. These two have very busy work schedules, but we knew spring would be the best time. Little did we know, DC would never get a spring this year. It snowed up and though April. We got one week of spring and even at the end of April nothing was really blooming. We finally nailed down a date and decided May would be perfect. Well, we went from winter to summer in one week and we had the hottest day chosen to take photos. Since, we were shooting near sunset, it should of cooled down, but we had quite the opposite. At 7pm, on a beautiful DC Sunday was 98 degrees with no breeze. We all were sweating. But these two were such good sports about the weather. They laughed and giggled the whole time. We ended up with some seriously beautiful images!!

I think my favorite part of my time with Ross and Courtney was just getting to know them. They are so easy to be around, and I can easily see how they are made for each other. Courtney is so much fun, gorgeous, and has the most amazing smile. Ross is so calm, easy to talk to, and smiles at Courtney in a way that will make you melt. I honestly don’t think that these two could take a bad picture! I loved spending time getting to know them. I can't wait till their September wedding. I know it's going to beautiful. For now, lets just enjoy their engagement photos!!

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