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southern maryland photographer | a in-home family session | the castillo family

This summer all my families are growing by two feet! Which as you all know I am in my element with all these in-home sessions. They are my absolute favorites. Last Sunday, I got photograph one of my favorite families newest addition and oh my word..their is so much goodness in this blog post. I could barely choose which ones to post, since I love them all. I mean love them all is an understatement. These guys welcomed Baby Camila three weeks ago and have already settled into life as a family of four. Well...almost. Roman, I love this kid. He is 2, a foodie already, and loves all things Christmas. He also is just the sweetest big brother to his baby sister...even though he might be struggling a bit with adjusting, I am fairly certain these two will be besties soon enough. Camila..the absolute tiniest baby I have ever photograph. And in true youngest sibling fashion, slept pretty much the entire time I was there. And...that hair!!! She is the sweetest little one ever. Such dainty little features. Bare with all the photos...I know you will love them as much as me!!

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