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union station family session | the martinez family

FAIR overload is about too happen!! Where do I start with this family? I can't say enough about how special this session was to them. How special to me it was. How I made lifelong friends friends from it. Christina reached out to me TWO YEARS ago to schedule their session. They were supposed to make this trip to DC and unfortunately her husband got really sick. They almost lost him. There were a lot of prayers going on during that year of recovery, including me sending them lots of love and prayers. SO, when she reached back out to me to let me know they were finally going to make it to DC, I got so excited. I would of done anything to make this session happen for these guys.

I had really only one day and one shot to have their session. They had a very very full week planned here, and I wanted them to soak up the city so much and not interfere too much. BUT I also know how MD weather is....and well at the time the government was shut down with no end in sight. I needed an option where we could stay covered if the weather turned on us. SOOOOO...Union Station it was.

I met up with these guys on their first full day in DC after a day of sightseeing. Lets just say it was cold and windy. Definitely much colder than these guys are used too. They live in MIAMI. Won't lie, I am totally planning a trip down to see them and too eat all the good food and see all the pretty colors. I have never been and they swear I will love it!! I left this session feeling like I was saying goodbye too soon. I wish I would've said let's grab dinner. I felt like it was over way too soon. Since then, Christina and I have chatted a few times and I am so hoping she gets her photography business going. SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING. Not only that, her heart, her Mom's heart. I tell you. It's not everyday you meet people like them. I needed these guys in my life and GOD knew that. I am so thankful for them. I know how much this session meant to them, but they will never know how much this session meant to me.

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